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OT Assessments

Activities of daily living (ADL) assessment

An ADL assessment (also called assessment of occupational performance) evaluates the client's ability to participate in daily life activities. This involves:

Environmental access assessment

While I am assessing the client, I also complete an environmental access assessment of the home to identify any obstacles to participation such as low furniture heights, poor access to the shower or steps that are difficult to use.

This is important because an accessible environment encourages activity and helps to prevent functional decline. Minimising hazards can also decrease the risk of falls and injury.

Simple changes to the home will enable the client to complete daily life activities independently and safely. These changes can be through adding assistive technology or by completing home modifications.

Assistive technology assessment and trials

I complete specific of assessments and trials for equipment. This usually occurs following the initial assessment (see more detail under assistive technology).

Wheelchair assessments

I am able to fit and issue a variety of manual wheelchairs and some electric wheelchairs for both home and community access.

For complex electric wheelchair and seating needs, I recommend a seating clinic or centre with a multi-disciplinary team who have the shared expertise and time to fit the wheelchair and are specialized in this area. Please contact me with any queries about wheelchairs.

Mobility scooter assessment

Clients who want to use a scooter need to be assessed for suitability. This involves:

I can only prescribe a scooter to a client once they've shown they can safely drive one. I also assist clients with the responsibilities of scooter ownership (storage, maintenance, insurance).